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Accelerated Online MBA: Careers

Gain In-Demand Management and Leadership Skills

Propel your career

Join an in-demand industry

Gain valuable experience

Spring Hill College’s well-rounded and industry-informed curriculum will help you reach long-term career goals after earning your MBA.

  • Boost your earning potential. The median annual wage for management occupations was $105,660 in May 2019, according to the BLS. 1
  • Stand out from your competition. Students will distinguish themselves from their competition with their focused expertise in a concentration area.
  • Explore diverse career options. MBA graduates can continue on to roles across industries.

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Open Doors to Career Advancement

Marketing Manager $78,900 per year2

Business Operations Manager $84,000 per year2

Finance Manager $120,000 per year2

Business Development Director $156,000 per year2

Data Architect $98,860 per year4

Put Your Spring Hill MBA to Work

Whether you want to advance your career within your current company or expand your opportunities elsewhere, you’ll be able to put your online MBA courses to work soon after graduating. You’ll be prepared for leadership and management roles and equipped to develop effective business strategies. Our engaging industry-informed curriculum, paired with our knowledgeable and distinguished faculty, will set you up for a successful MBA career path and a considerable ROI.

Choose From Four Concentrations

Our four in-demand concentrations will enhance your online MBA course curriculum and leave you with a deeper understanding and set you up as a subject matter expert. 

Accelerated MBA: Project Management

The Project Management concentration of Spring Hill’s MBA equips students with the knowledge base to lead projects from planning to execution.

Accelerated MBA: Leadership

Spring Hill College’s MBA features a concentration in Leadership, which gives students the opportunity to dive into courses that include leadership theory, conflict management and business ethics.

Accelerated MBA: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The online MBA program’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management prepares students for positions in management in areas that cover purchasing, transportation management, inventory control and supplier management.

Accelerated MBA: Business Analytics

Learn to use, communicate and interpret basic statistics and perform data mining in real-world business problems.

Program Outcomes and Skills Acquired

What You’ll Learn

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Leadership
  • Analysis
  • Project management
  • Management
  • Business strategy
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Real-world analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Communication