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BS in Business Administration Online in Supply Chain Management

Specialize in Supply Chain Management

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  • Duration 2-4 years
  • Cost per Credit $399
  • Credit Hours 120

Program Benefits

  • Industry-focused curriculum
  • Customizable degrees
  • Part-time and full-time options

Gain Valuable Experience in Supply Chain Management

A Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management will broaden your expertise and understanding of the movement of products, all the way from raw materials, to work-in-process to finished goods. This degree program will provide you with the necessary skills to manage the flow of goods and services within industries.

You’ll graduate ready to pursue a career in fields such as logistics, transportation management and purchasing.

100% online

2-4 years

120 credits

Exciting Sport Management Concentration

Combine business management principles with deep expertise in the sports arena. A student-first approach to learning and a challenging curriculum will set you up for success in this competitive field.

This course covers the core areas of law relevant to the business of sport. It is intended to introduce students to significant legal issues in sport.

Prerequisites: 300 level courses in Business Administration curriculum, or permission of program director.

This course examines the fundamental theories, standards, and recommendations for developing, planning, constructing, and managing various venues in sport.

Prerequisites: 300 level courses in Business Administration curriculum, or permission of program director.

This course emphasizes marketing and public relations by addressing the importance of a sport-related organization maintaining a favorable public image through consistent media outreach.

Prerequisites: 300 level courses in Business Administration curriculum, or permission of program director.

The Sports Management concentration will provide you with the skills to work in professional sports, interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics and sports media relations.

Career Spotlight

Sports Media Relations1 $55,919 per year

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100% online

2-4 years

120 credits

Specialize in Management and Marketing

In addition to providing a deep understanding of modern management and marketing practices, this concentration ensures that you’ll graduate with specific knowledge in areas ranging from organizational behavior and supply chain management to marketing research and principles of logistics.

You will graduate with the Management and Marketing concentration able to put your skills to use right away in a number of exciting and lucrative career paths.

A study of the application of statistical and other research techniques to the solution of marketing problems.


  • MKT 311
  • BUS 263.

This course involves the study of individual and group behavior within organizations including motivation, leadership and communication theory.

Principles of contemporary approaches to logistics and supply chain management. Topics discussed include inventory control, forecasting, vendor management, procurement, transportation, warehousing, global logistics, lean logistics, reverse logistics, and supply chain integration techniques.

Career Spotlight

Administrative Services Managers2 $96,940 per year

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100% online

2-4 years

120 total credits

Develop Diverse Information Processing Skills

When you graduate with a CIS concentration will be ready to jump into a rewarding career for organizations that have information processing needs. You’ll develop skills ranging from web development and programming to expertise with database tools.

Structure, management and design of databases including hierarchical, network and relational database models. Students will utilize Microsoft Access to develop a complex and complete database application.

Prerequisite: CIS 381 or consent of the instructor.

A course designed to introduce the student to website development incorporating data
technology. Technologies used to create dynamic data-driven web pages will include
Dreamweaver, PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS. In addition, the student will learn to interact with and manage a website on a remote server. Substantial lab work will be expected. Cross-listed as ART 371.

An introduction to computer architecture concepts and an in-depth study of the fundamentals of operating systems. Topics include memory management, CPU scheduling, concurrency, and security issues. Students will be required to demonstrate mastery of operating systems concepts by researching and presenting how the topics studied are implemented in a specific operating system.

Prerequisites: CIS 221.

Career Spotlight

Network and Computer Systems Administrators3 $83,510 per year

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Answers To Common Questions

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You can earn your BS in Business Administration in as little as two years based on whether you are enrolled full time and on the number of transfer credits you have approved.

The total estimated tuition is $47,880.

Our program does not require an entrance exam so you can apply today and start working toward your degree as soon as possible.

There are six start dates — two in the spring, two in the summer and two in the fall —so you can choose the start date that best fits into your life.

You can choose from four concentrations to customize your degree. Concentrations include Sport Management, Supply Chain Management, Computer Information Systems and Marketing and Management.