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Online Sport Management Degree: Curriculum

Curriculum Details


The online sport management bachelor’s degree from Spring Hill College covers a comprehensive overview of sports-related topics, including sports media, sports ideologies, sports law and more. You’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into your interests during a special topics course, along with completing an optional 3-credit-hour internship at a site convenient for you.

You can complete the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management in four years. Transfer the maximum of 96 credits to finish faster.

Required Courses

This course will explore the psychological factors of sport. Topics covered include developing and maintaining confidence and motivation, team interactions and cohesion, and honing mental skills to improve performance. Psychological theories and existing research in sport psychology will be emphasized in this course.
This course provides a comprehensive examination of the entire financial planning process. Specific areas covered include the budget process, managing money, managing credit, tax planning, insurance, risk management, personal investing, investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning.
A survey of writing formats, techniques, and styles (journalism, advertising and public relations) for a number of media: newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and the Internet.
An analytic view of institutionalized sport focusing on the social values, culture and ideology manifested in sport.

Study of the selection and evaluation of media to meet the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics of a promotional plan. A survey of media planning principles, scheduling and buying as well as measurement principles and evaluation, including web analytics.

This course covers the core areas of law relevant to the business of sport.  It is intended to introduce students to significant legal issues in sport.  Prerequisites:  300 level courses in Business Administration curriculum, or permission of program director.

This course examines the fundamental theories, standards, and recommendations for developing, planning, constructing, and managing various venues in sport.  Prerequisites:  300 level courses in Business Administration curriculum, or permission of program director.

This course emphasizes marketing and public relations by addressing the importance of a sport-related organization maintaining a favorable public image through consistent media outreach.  Prerequisites:  300 level courses in Business Administration curriculum, or permission of program director.

A course designed to address topics of special interest to students interested in the sports management field.  Prerequisites: permission of program director.

Under the supervision of the Division of Business Internship Coordinator and an experienced business professional (Internship Site Supervisor). The internship is a pre-arranged, credit-bearing work experience that allows a student to achieve learning objectives that are aligned with the goals of a supervising professional or organization. Internships provide opportunities to explore career options, test career choices and encourage the development of skills within a chosen field. An internship allows students to relate classroom theory and concepts with practical job experience as well as develop new skills that will be transferable to future employers. Variable credit (up to 3 hours per semester); may be repeated for up to six credit hours. Fee: $10.

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