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Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management: Curriculum

Curriculum Details


Spring Hill College’s online supply chain management degree covers contemporary approaches to logistics and supply chain management, from resource planning and production to warehouse storage and distribution. You’ll also network with guest speakers and industry professionals.

You can complete the online bachelor’s degree in four years. Transfer the maximum of 96 credits to finish faster.

Required Courses

Principles of contemporary approaches to logistics and supply chain management. Topics discussed include inventory control, forecasting, vendor management, procurement, transportation, warehousing, global logistics, lean logistics, reverse logistics, and supply chain integration techniques.

The course explores the principles of the procurement process within organizations. Purchasing policies and procedures, supply chain management integration, supplier evaluation and selection, supplier management, supplier quality management, supplier development, worldwide sourcing, strategic cost management, negotiation and conflict management, contract management, and purchasing law and ethics are analyzed in this course.

Structure, management and design of databases including hierarchical, network and relational database models. Students will utilize Microsoft Access to develop a complex and complete database application. Prerequisite: CIS 381 or consent of the instructor.

This course is an introduction to Enterprise Information Systems (ERP) used within manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management operations. The integration of most of an organization’s information systems needs into one system that connects suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers is the focus of the course. The courses will also cover other specialized information systems.

This course will explore supply chain management’s (SCM) integration with operations management. Topics covered include measuring performance in operations and value chains, operations strategy, goods and service design, supply chain design, facility and work design, forecasting and demand planning, capacity management, managing inventories in supply chains, resource management, operations scheduling and sequencing, quality control, and lean operating systems.

An analysis of domestic and international transportation in support of logistics and supply chain management operations.  Topics include third party evaluation and selection, transportation mode selection, logistics network design, transportation regulations, and routing and scheduling.

This writing intensive course is an evaluation of warehousing operations and management practices.  Topics explored include warehouse design, material handling equipment and techniques, inventory control best practices, productivity improvement, warehouse safety, and an analysis of tools and techniques used in warehouse and inventory management.

A course designed to address topics of special interest to marketing students. Possible areas include international marketing, personal selling and retail management.

Choose two from the following:

Under the supervision of the Division of Business Internship Coordinator and an experienced business professional (Internship Site Supervisor). The internship is a pre-arranged, credit-bearing work experience that allows a student to achieve learning objectives that are aligned with the goals of a supervising professional or organization. Internships provide opportunities to explore career options, test career choices and encourage the development of skills within a chosen field. An internship allows students to relate classroom theory and concepts with practical job experience as well as develop new skills that will be transferable to future employers. Variable credit (up to 3 hours per semester); may be repeated for up to six credit hours. Fee: $10.

This course provides coverage over the full range of business analytics — descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.

Course designed to address topics of special interest in supply chain management and logistics. Prerequisites: SCM 401 or permission of instructor

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