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Master’s / Business

Accelerated MBA

Spring Hill’s MBA program is for professionals who want to advance in the competitive field of business with a curriculum that’s timely, relevant and applicable. Choose from our three concentration options: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Project Management.

Master’s / Business

Accelerated MBA: Leadership

Spring Hill College’s MBA features a concentration in Leadership, which gives students the opportunity to dive into courses that include leadership theory, conflict management and business ethics.

Master’s / Business

Accelerated MBA: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The online MBA program’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management prepares students for positions in management in areas that cover purchasing, transportation management, inventory control and supplier management.

Master’s / Business

Accelerated MBA: Project Management

The Project Management concentration of Spring Hill’s MBA equips students with the knowledge base to lead projects from planning to execution.

Bachelor’s / Business

Digital Marketing, BS

The online digital marketing degree program encourages a strategic mindset and data-driven skills that will prepare you for success in many digital marketing careers.

Bachelor’s / Business

Entrepreneurship, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship online program offers you a foundational understanding of entrepreneurship and small business management along with practical consulting and venture development experience.

Bachelor’s / Business

Business Administration, BS

Spring Hill College’s bachelor’s in business administration degree offers four concentration options: Sports Management, Supply Chain Management, Management and Marketing and Computer Information Systems.

Bachelor’s / Business

Business Administration, BS: Computer Information Systems

Study e-commerce, systems analysis and database management through the Computer Information Systems (CIS) concentration in the BS in Business Administration degree program.

Bachelor’s / Business

Business Administration, BS: Management and Marketing

Develop an advanced understanding of modern organization management and innovative marketing practices through the BS in Business Administration’s Management and Marketing concentration.

Bachelor’s / Business

Business Administration, BS: Sport Management

Dive into sport marketing, facilities management and athletics fundraising through Spring Hill’s BS in Business Administration’s Sport Management concentration.

Bachelor’s / Business

Business Administration, BS: Supply Chain Management

Gain the management skills needed to direct the flow of goods and services across an array of industries through Spring Hill’s BS in Business Administration: Supply Chain Management concentration.

Bachelor’s / Business

Supply Chain Management, BS

Learn to manage the logistics of how goods and services flow within industries in this online degree program.

Master’s / Theology

Theology, MA

The Master of Arts in Theology program is a well-balanced program of rigorous study in a particular area of theological study (Biblical, Historical/Systematic, Moral). Students build on the MTS program (or an equivalent degree from another institution) by taking additional courses in one particular area of specialization and writing a research thesis.

Master’s / Theology

Pastoral Studies, MA

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) degree program prepares students for ministerial service in a variety of contexts. Embracing four areas of development—human, spiritual, intellectual, and ministerial—the program guides students in the development of their own pastoral identity through an integrated exploration of theology and pastoral practice.

Theological Studies, MA

This program is designed to introduce students to an in-depth study of the major areas of theological study: biblical, historical, moral, pastoral and systematic. Those who wish to engage in further research may take additional courses and complete a research thesis for the MA (Master of Arts) in theology.

Bachelor’s / Business

Sport Management, BS

The online sport management degree combines business principles, practical management skills and real world experience to help you excel as a sports management professional.

Bachelor’s / Business

Organizational Leadership, BA/BS

Spring Hill’s online organizational leadership degree integrates a liberal arts foundation with courses in management, leadership, organizational analysis and psychology.

Bachelor’s / Liberal Arts

Philosophy, Politics and Economics, BS

Spring Hill’s PPE program teaches foundational skills and knowledge to help you learn how to navigate and find solutions to complex societal issues backed by strong factual support.

Bachelor’s / Liberal Arts

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA/BS

The interdisciplinary studies program allows capable and highly motivated students to design an individualized course of study that meets their aspirations in a way that cannot be achieved by a more traditional major.

Master’s / Nursing

Nursing, MSN

This program is for nurses aspiring to leadership educator roles. Students can choose from one of three concentrations to specialize and refine their skills, including Nurse Education, Executive Leadership or Clinical Nurse Leadership.

Master’s / Nursing

Nursing, MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader

The MS in Nursing from Spring Hill features a concentration in Clinical Nurse Leadership that gives students the leadership skills to coordinate patient care, evaluate patient outcomes and manage risk.

Master’s / Nursing

Nursing, MSN: Executive Leadership

The Nursing Executive Leadership concentration of the MS in Nursing prepares students to assume leadership roles in business settings in healthcare.

Master’s / Nursing

Nursing, MSN: Nursing Education

Spring Hill’s MS in Nursing features a concentration in Nursing Education to provide students the tools to teach nursing in both staff and patient settings.

Bachelor’s / Nursing

Nursing, RN to BSN

This program is designed for registered nurses seeking to advance their careers, sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of patient care through a bachelor’s degree in nursing.